The Thermo Scientific* iCAP Q ICP-MS is a dramatically different ICP-MS for total reliability with maximized up-time and a dramatically simplified workflow.

The radical design simplifies the user experience and dramatically improves laboratory efficiency.

The iCAP Q ICP-MS has been developed with groundbreaking technology to enable advanced high-performance analysis combined with total reliability and ultra-flexibility.


  • Ergonomically designed quadrupole ICP-MS with smallest bench space available
  •  Innovative RAPID (Right Angle Positive Ion Deflection) lens technology (90° ion optics done right) for separation of ions and neutrals
  • Innovative interface with skimmer cone featuring unique, user-replaceable inserts mounted behind the cone tip to control memory effects
  • The only ICP-MS system to include proprietary QCell technology combining proven He KED interference reduction capabilities with a flatapole low mass cut-off
  • High-performance quadrupole analyzer is pumped by a novel split flow turbo pump backed by a single rotary
  • New, simultaneous analog/PC detector with real time multi-channel analyzer electronics provides >9 orders of dynamic range suitable for both steady state and transient signal analysis
  • The combination of an advanced inlet system, the RAPID lens and QCell provide enhanced performance for outstanding signal to background among quadrupole ICP-MS
  • New, exceptionally robust RF generator with fast dynamic frequency impedance matching for high plasma stability without need for a shield

Instrument and accessories are fully computer controlled by the new Qtegra software.

  • Qtegra provides integrated plug-ins for autosamplers, autodiluters, as well as major chromatography and laser ablation systems.
  • One click instrument set up: with a single mouse click, the iCAP Q is taken into operate mode, tested and, where necessary intelligently autotuned and/or calibrated to meet the protocol or user defined performance criteria.
  • Qtegra software provides a full range of features allowing individual laboratories to operate under 21 CFR Part 11 requirements



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