The Thermo Scientific* TRACE 1310 GC is ideal for large routine and contract laboratories and features a complete icon-based touch screen interface for direct instrument control when method development is required.
The new TRACE 1300 Series GC offers the most versatile GC platform in the market, with unique "instant connect" modularity for ground-breaking ease of use and performance, setting a new era in GC technology. While retaining all of the capabilities and performance of the TRACE 1300 Series GC platform, it also provides local status update of the oven, injectors and detectors, maintenance commands, run log, multiple language capabilities and video tutorials to drive simple instrument interaction.

The TRACE 1300 GC features user-exchangeable, instant connect injectors and detectors to quickly upgrade a GC from single to multiple channel configurations satisfying rapid incremental business needs and enhancing laboratory productivity, to tailor the instrument configuration to your daily workload and to postpone preventive maintenance for continuous operations.
With the TRACE 1300 Series GC, changing the configuration requires only two minutes, just the time needed to remove three screws and put the new injector or detector module in place. With these proprietary Thermo Scientific "Instant Connect" modules, special training, dedicated tools or on-site service engineers are not required.

The TRACE 1300 Series Gas Chromatograph is the latest technology breakthrough conceived to substantially elevate performance in QA/QC and routine laboratories. Developed around key innovations driven by customer needs, including user-exchangeable instant connect injectors and detectors, enhanced robustness of components, scaling-down of injector and detector solutions, immediate local user interface, and optimization of all electronic elements, the TRACE 1300 Series GC results in an extremely fast, easy to use, compact GC, delivering an incredibly high lab productivity at reduced cost of ownership.

Ultimate Productivity:

  • Easy adoption of standard GC.
  • Increased robustness of injector technology.
  • Shorter sample cycle time.
  • Unmatched detector sensitivity in trace analysis.
  • Scalable, simply intelligent chromatography data system


    Reduced cost of ownership:

  • Tailorable GC configurations.
  • Smart maintenance.
  • Consumable adaptability.
  • Seamless automation.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Minimal sample and solvent consumption.


    The TRACE 1310 GC is dedicated to larger production and routine laboratories, as well as research-type laboratories. It features a complete touch screen for direct instrument control, method development and status control. The local user interface supports multiple languages and can be easily translated into any idiom. It also supports and stores maintenance information, a complete run log and video tutorials. The TRACE 1310 GC is the ideal front-end to MS systems.

    Environmental Note: Energy-saving - Limit power usage during operations with reduced instrument thermal mass allowing quick start-up.

    Compatible with: TriPlus RSH Autosampler, ISQ GC-MS, ITQ GC-MS, TSQ Quantum XLS, TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra, DFS, and Delta V



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