The new high-performance Thermo Scientific TSQ 8000 triple quadrupole GC-MS system is a reliable, easy-to-use system that enables faster, more precise, error-free analyses, saving time and reducing laboratory costs.
It is designed for routine applications including the identification of food and environmental contaminants and trace compound quantitation in forensic, toxicology and sports doping laboratories, offering unstoppable productivity with uncompromised MS/MS simplicity.

  • Designed to make it easier than ever to realize the analytical advantages of GC-triple quadrupole methodology.
  • Higher performance provided by the system enables analysts to view their target compounds at lower concentration levels, making new analyses possible and increasing confidence in results.
  • Eliminates errors and removes the need for repeat injections of the same sample;reduces costs and saves time in the laboratory.
  • Greater selectivity of the instrument enables the analysis of more complex matrices, reducing the need for sample preparation and improving turnaround times and throughput.
  • Compatible with: TRACE 1300 GC, TRACE 1310 GC, TriPlus RSH Autosampler, ISQ GC-MS, ITQ GC-MS, TSQ Quantum XLS, TSQ Quantum XLS Ultra, DFS, and Delta V

Triple quadrupole


  • MS: Full scan, SIM, timed-SIM, combined full scan/SIM, combined full scan/timed-SIM
  • MS/MS: SRM, timed-SRM, combined SRM/full scan, combined timed SRM/full scan, product ion scan.
  • ion Source Type:

  • Thermo Scientific ExtractaBrite EI source, with repeller, source lenses, RF lens and dual filaments in all ionization modes, programmable to 350°C
  • Source Access:

  • Vacuum probe interlock to remove entire source or change ionization modes without venting.
  • Software Features:

  • Automated SRM Development (AutoSRM).
  • Automated acquisition window adjustment based on retention time.
  • Compound based acquisition method setup.
  • Customizable automated tuning.
  • Quadrupole Assembly:

  • Off-axis ion guide for noise reduction and solid, homogeneous non-coated quadrupole rods.
    Mass Resolution:



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